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About Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga practices remain one of humanity’s enduring quests to find meaning and uncover the mystery behind appearances. The practice of yoga is a process of self-discovery and transformation. Sincere application of Yoga provides the opportunity for personal transformation by gradually dissolving the physical, mental and emotional 'impediments' that restrict our life potential.

In a city of Southern India, there was a remarkable Yogi involved in the practice and teaching of a unique, intricate and assiduously applied method of Hatha Yoga for well over 60 years. His name was Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. What he taught became known the world over as Aṣhṭāṅga Vinyāsa Yoga. This Aṣhṭāṅga Vinyāsa method of sequencing yoga-āsana with the Vinyāsa connecting movements was once advised and outlined by an Indian sage - Vamana Rishi.

Aṣhṭāṅga Vinyāsa Yoga is renowned for its very detailed, breath focussed and directed sequencing of yoga-āsana. Through this method, each āsana unfolds into another, linked by ‘vinyāsa’ (the synchronised movement-breathing system) in a continuous cycle, involving the application of specific muscular activations (bandha-s), gaze points (dṛiṣhṭi-s) and the soothing, ujjayi breath. These posture sequences are energetic and challenging, cleansing the body, quieting the mind and releasing your inner potential.

योगमाला The Aṣhṭāṅga Yoga practice design has been likened to a ‘mālā’ or garland of beautiful flowers. Herein, the yoga postures are described similarly to those flowers, each posture being linked, like an ornate flower, on the thread of the breath. This practice is known as the ‘Yoga Mālā’ योगमाला.

Brisbane's Home of Ashtanga Yoga Shala.

Ashtanga Yoga Shala is the oldest, continually running Ashtanga Yoga School in Brisbane.

Ashtanga Yoga Shala stands for reliability and for providing quality yoga instruction with depth and understanding. The Shala was originally established through the efforts of Iain Clark.

Iain Clark

Iain Clark with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (early 1990’s)

Iain is one of a handful of Australians to have been certified in India, by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

Certified Aṣhṭāṅga Yoga teachers represent and continue the Aṣhṭāṅga tradition. Classes at AYS are now taught by Richard Clark, who completed the three-year Yoga teacher training program with Iain Clark and has been teaching for 20 years. Richard represents another generation of Yoga Teachers in this tradition.

At Ashtanga Yoga Shala you will be exposed to caring instruction from a yoga teacher who will instruct with:

  • Kindness and compassion
  • Technical detail
  • A view to your long-term yoga practice, and
  • A bigger picture in mind, than simply leading an exercise class

The Ashtanga Yoga Shala hosts classes at both Paddington and in Sunnybank, Brisbane.


Richard Clark

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Yoga Classes Paddington

Ashtanga Yoga Shala Classes at Paddington Hall have been offered consistently for over 20 years.

The Paddington Hall is a humble but large, welcoming space, the atmosphere of which has been infused with energy via the efforts of so many yogis over so many years. Classes offered weekly: Ashtanga Yoga Shala – ‘Step 1 Class Series’ and Ashtanga Yoga Mysore classes.

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Yoga Classes Sunnybank

Sunnybank Ashtanga Yoga Studio is a peaceful haven and a inspiring, supportive space, in which to learn, develop and explore an authentic yoga practice.

Classes offered weekly: Ashtanga Yoga Shala – ‘Step 1 Class Series’ and Ashtanga Yoga Mysore classes.

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